Reach for those designer shades!

When the clouds evaporate or disperse and that big hot thing can be seen in the sky, its time to reach for your designer sunglasses. You need to look ultra cool when the hot sun comes out to dance, and here at Tic Sunglasses we have got you covered.

Perhaps you have holidays booked this summer and require sunglasses that not only perform their primary function and actually protect your eyes, but also look the part as well.  And if that’s the case then the Breo Collection is your one stop shop.  Even people from cooler climates such as Alaska and Iceland have been banging down our door to get their hands on these Breo beasts!

The Breo Sunglasses collection consists of 8 different variants all with attitude, sophistication and true design appeal as standard.  From the unique colours of the Two Tone Mirror Collection to the classic design of the Breo Uptones Collection, there is something to suite everyone in this bag of gems.  All of these sunglasses, from collection to collection, have individual write ups so for further information on each set of sunglasses all you have to do is click on ones that your interested in and hey presto – all the information you could require is before your eyes!

We currently stock the Two Tone Ice, Uptone Ice, Uptones, Two Tone Mirror, Two Tone, Edge, Flow and Ellipse Collections.

Here at Tic Sunglasses we are official stockists of Breo Sunglasses, so all our Breo Sunglasses come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty as well as an official Breo Sunglasses carry bag.

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